Tips & techniques

Here are some tips for our Powder Foundation, Crème Foundation, Lipstick and Eyeshadow


Powder Foundation

Powder Foundation - Shade: NeutralAPPLICATION

Before applying loose foundation powder, make sure moisturiser has been fully absorbed.

  • Step 1
    Pierce 6-7 holes into the seal and tip some mineral power foundation into the lid. (This way you will avoid spilling too much powder).

  • Step 2
    Using a Kabuki brush – swirl into the powder and work into the bristles ensuring the brush is evenly coated.

  • Step 3
    Tap the end of the brush into the lid to remove excess minerals.

  • Step 4
    Apply using circular buffing motion all over the face. Apply one layer for a light coverage
    and two layers for a fuller coverage.

  • Step 5
    Also use the powder as a lipstick base – your lipstick colour will last longer.


Choose the right shade. Livinia has10 powder foundation shades which range from very fair to very
dark. We suggest applying a small amount of powder on the jaw line first to make sure the shade
blends in with the skin tone. Different shades can also be blended together to achieve the perfect
shade that you're looking for.

Don’t put too much product on the brush. Mineral makeup is very concentrated. Because there is
no 'filler’ in Livinia powder foundation, it is important that you put just a small amount of powder on
your brush and buff it in well in a circular motion before applying more powder. There should be a
light dusting of powder on the brush head, and that amount should be sufficient to cover the whole
face. One layer will give a light coverage, however we recommend two layers for a fuller coverage.

Ensure you buff well. Buffing with the brush actually brings out the qualities of the minerals. Use a
firm touch, and in a circular motion, blend, or spread the makeup around the forehead, cheeks, down
the jaw line and over the nose.

Go easy around the eye area. Do not add more mineral makeup to the brush when working around
the eye area as it will settle into the lines around the eyes.

Minimise large pores. To minimize the appearance of large pores, apply the foundation lightly using
a latex sponge in a downward motion.

Keep your brush clean. Clean makeup brushes will give a better application so ensure you clean
them regularly. Dampen the bristles with some warm water and use a chemical free shampoo. Work
the shampoo into the bristles to create lather, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Shape the
bristles and lay flat to dry over night.


Crème Foundation - Shade: NeutralCrème foundation

Apply Livinia crème foundation over entire face, including eyelids and lips.

Pay attention to any dark areas around the eyes - our crème foundation works well as a concealer as well.

A sponge is provided with the compact, however we recommend the foundation brush.



To give your lipstick extra staying power...

  1. Lightly dust lips first with mineral foundation powder.

  2. Shape the lips and fill in the lip area with lipliner. This will also prevent feathering and bleeding.

  3. Apply lipstick with a lipbrush and then blot the lips with a tissue. Reapply lipstick.

  4. Follow with a coating of lipgloss. (Lipgloss applied in the middle of the upper and lower lips gives them a full and voluminous appearance.)

Et voilà! ... Luscious lips that last.



Livinia Mineral Eyeshadows are an easily applicable, long-wearing mineral eyeshadow that feature dense natural pigments. They can be applied wet or dry.


When applying eyeshadow, we suggest using 3 shades - one for highlighting, one for the eyelid and one for contouring.

Using the dual liner brush, apply a light eyeshadow to highlight the brow bone,
apply a medium colour to the eyelid (from lashes to crease),
then apply dark eyeshadow to contour the eye socket.

The secret to applying eyeshadow is to blend. Ensure all colours are well blended with the dual shadow brush.


Livinia eyeshadows can also be used as an eyeliner. It creates a dramatic look.

  1. Tip a small amount of eyeshadow into the lid.
  2. Using the dual liner brush, wet the end with the angle, and dip the brush into eyeshadow to form a paste in the lid.
  3. Create a line by starting on the outer corner of eye and work towards the inner corner. Apply to top and bottom.

Ensure the wet brush does not go into the eyeshadow pot, as this may cause bacterial contamination.

How to bring out the colour of your eyes - some suggested colour combinations.