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I found the Livinia Eye Crème to be an excellent product. I have used numerous eye crèmes over the past 20 years and have not been able to use any because of my extremely sensitive skin. For the first time I have been able to use an eye crème that does not irritate my skin. I will be using this product in the future.
Rosalind, Hillarys WA - February 2011

Velvet Smoothing Crème is light and easy to use and excellent on my skin. I would purchase the product again. I liked the packaging, which looks so attractive. Excellent to give as a gift.
Peggy, Bertram WA - January 2011

The shampoo had a lovely aroma and gave a soft silky texture to my hair. I will be buying this product again, there is just not enough to go around the family!
Lynnette, Mandurah WA - January 2011

Hi there, I met you at a trade show in Melbourne. My skin was very red and puffy around the eye area. I purchased your products and was so excited that night to use them. I have been using them since every day, morning & night and I must say, I am ecstatic. Not only has the redness and puffiness disappeared, my skin feels hydrated and so smooth. I don’t know how else to thank you for giving us products that a truly a luxury: to use. I look forward to purchasing more products and look forward to trying the makeup range too. Once again, you are truly amazing in what you have achieved with your range and I am pleased to be sharing my experience with all I see. sincere thanks again.

I’ve got to tell you how impressed I am with Livinia ... it’s beautiful to work with. It also does have an instant good impression with use, ie it has a lovely texture and feel on application, but also does disappear without interfering with makeup application. As a Beauty Therapist of 25 yrs I am very happy to endorse Livinia. I must also mention I have extremely sensitive skin myself and I am very comfortable with the products.

Mirea, Vic

Thank you so much for the skin care range you sent and the bonus eye cream!
Oh my goodness - I've been using it religiously at night and it's made SUCH a difference!

Kind regards,

Amanda, Vic